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J ShortCodes WordPress Plugin

Created With J Shortcodes
J ShortCodes is a WordPress plugin that gives you an easy way to add beautiful, useful and customized visual elements to any WordPress theme, blog or website. Just add shortcode into any page, post or even sidebar of your website to create custom column layouts, custom buttons, content boxes, tabs,and accordion feature. You can pick any color or size for any element, and you can create sophisticated column layouts directly within any page, post or even sidebar widget. Check out J Shortcodes samples, demos and tutorials at

One-Click WordPress Child Theme

If you’re like me and use WordPress for site development you probably learned early on that if you modify a theme’s CSS the modifications will be lost when you update the theme.  The solution is to create and use a child theme.  For those not familiar with a child theme, it allows you to modify the style and layout of a parent theme without editing the files of the parent theme so that you keep your theme modifications when the parent theme is updated. Making a child theme is fairly simple but it can be a pain. You have to create a directory and put a properly formatted style.css file in the directory.  However, I recently discovered a WordPress plugin called One-Click Child Theme which adds a button to the themes page to allow you to create a child theme for the currently selected theme.  You give the child theme a name and description and click “Create Child”.

An RSS Feed Link And…

Due to popular demand you will find an RSS feed link at the bottom of the page.  Also, I will try to mention new posts on the home page scroller.