A Confession: Sometimes I Use Tables.

I saw the following post on a web development forum:

In web design that are 2 camps:
1. People who think that CSS should be used for everything. If something cannot be done with CSS than it should never be done.
2. People who understand the limitations of CSS and incompatibilities between different browsers and decide to use the best tool for the job. CSS when it works. Tables when it’s make more sense.

I am not a CSS purist.  Several years ago I switched from tables to CSS layouts, but I must admit that there are times when I find it quicker and easier to use a table.  Recently, for example, I needed to place two image links on a page, centered horizontally.  I used a table formatted with the following CSS:

table#table1 {

Goodbye NextGEN Gallery, Hello ATW Slider.

I’ve used the free version of NextGEN Gallery on several websites but I’ve never been completely comfortable with the plugin because it uses its own gallery instead of the standard WP gallery. This morning I downloaded all the photos from the NextGEN galleries on this website and deleted the NextGEN plugin.  I then uploaded the photos and created WP galleries.  Next, I decided I wanted a better slideshow so I used the “Enable [ gallery ] replacement – show [ gallery ] as slider” feature of the ATW Show Sliders plugin to display the WP galleries as slideshows. You can view the slideshows using the submenus under “Photos.”

New WP Plugins: ATW Show Posts and ATW Show Sliders.

We are convinced that the combination of WordPress and Weaver II Pro is the best way to develop websites. Weaver also offers WordPress themes and plugins through Aspen Themeworks, and they have just released two new plugins, ATW Show Posts and ATW Show Sliders.

We have tried both plugins and we think they are the best way to add image or post sliders to a site. The “Site News” slider on the home page was developed using these plugins, as was the image slider on our business site. Check out the free Show Posts and Show Sliders plugins. There is also a Pro version of Show Sliders available from Aspen Themeworks.