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iGoogle is gone and we looked at a number of alternatives here.  The iGoogle replacement we chose is StartMe.

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Hi, and welcome to the Pitt Stop, my personal website. I’m Bill Pitt and, if you’re really bored, there is some information about me here. I am not Brad’s father, so please don’t send me items to be forwarded to Brad (messages, scripts, money, etc.). On second thought, send money, but none of that other stuff.

The photo across the top of the page is a panoramic view of California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. When I retired, my wife and I moved to Lake Tahoe which is located in those mountains at an altitude of 6,200 feet. Several years ago we moved from Lake Tahoe to a semi-rural area east of Sacramento, California, in order to be closer to family. I love being close to our children and grandchildren but I miss living at Lake Tahoe. Speaking of grandchildren, our oldest granddaughter, Megan, has an internship with Southwest Airlines. Megan’s photo appears below.

Megan Flies Southwest


If you were looking for my business site, please go to Pitt Sites.

If you have comments, constructive criticism, or questions, I’d like to hear from you. You can contact me by email at billpitt@pittstop.com or click the following links to my Facebook and LinkedIn pages:

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